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Our company has been distributing electronic components since 2009.

During all these years, we have established a solid relationship with our customers, becoming the trusted supplier of their projects.

It has a team with extensive experience in the electronics sector, which offers a professional response to customer needs at every moment.

Our main partner is HJC, with whom we have developed a close collaboration to offer our customers the best components for each project, along with EIC, allows us to position as a reference in the European market for the distribution of components.


At Componentes Ares

We understand the importance of having quality components in your designs, for that reason we offer the best products on the market. We also offer EMS assembly services for those customers who need the finished product.

We pride ourselves on being the trusted supplier to all companies of all sized, and strive to provide exceptional services at all times. We work in the Lighting, Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Industrial and other industries.

If you are looking for a reliable and quality supplier, do not hesitate to contact us! We are ready to help you in everything you need.


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